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  1. Navigation

    The User Interface-simplyreliable|OS
  2. CRM
  3. Schedule a Sales Call-simplyreliable|OS
  4. Products & Services
    Manage Products and Services-simplyreliable|OS
  5. quickSPECS, smartASSEMBLIES, Packages, and Choice
  6. Proposals
    Create a Proposal-The Proposal Wizard-simplyreliable|OS
  7. Create a Proposal-Add Products Page-simplyreliable|OS
  8. Create a Proposal-Add Products Making the Product an option-simplyreliable|OS
  9. Create a Proposal-quickSPEC Page-simplyreliable|OS
  10. Create a Proposal-The Proposal Details Page-simplyreliable|OS
  11. Create a Proposal-The Proposal Settings Page-simplyreliable|OS
  12. Create a Proposal-digital and PDF Proposals-simplyreliable|OS
  13. Create a Proposal-Close The Sale-simplyreliable|OS
  14. Deliver Products From A Proposal-simplyreliable|OS
  15. Invoices
    Getting Paid: Receive A Payment-simplyreliable|OS
  16. Getting Paid: Progress Invoicing From A Proposal-simplyreliable|OS
  17. Getting Paid: Time and Material Invoicing From A Proposal-simplyreliable|OS
  18. Getting Paid: The Retail Invoice-simplyreliable|OS
  19. Invoices: Deliver the Products-simplyreliable|OS
  20. Purchasing
    The Purchasing Process-Create A Purchase Order-simplyreliableOS
  21. #12 Purchasing non dedicated purchase agent
  22. #13 Purchasing dedicated purchase agent
  23. The Purchasing Process-Request Products-simplyreliableOS
  24. The Purchasing Process-Need To Order-simplyreliableOS
  25. The Purchasing Process-Inventory Management-SRi QR Code Labels-simplyreliableOS
  26. Inventory
    Inventory Management-Receive The Purchase Order-simplyreliableOS
  27. Feature How To's (Some will have the smartOFFICE UI)
    Proposal Setting and HTML Template Formatting
  28. Using The My Time and Time Overview Pages
  29. Modifiers
  30. Bulk Scaling in smartOFFICE
  31. User Privileges
  32. QuickBooks Online Contact Export-import to smartOFFICE
  33. #9 change order and time..
  34. #10 View the project
  35. #15 Creating the work order
  36. #17 Inventory setup stock levels
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Getting Paid: Progress Invoicing From A Proposal-simplyreliable|OS